March 2022 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

March 2022 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Prairie Chirps

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After centuries of neglect, reject and even hatred, now that the world’s most common bird is fast becoming “rare”, we are valuing it like never before. Yet, when I see a sparrow today, it looks oblivious to all this fickle behavior of man. It has no worries for its future, or any grudges for the past for that matter. This human loving bird doesn’t seem to mind or judge my presence at all. It just chirps with that trademark curious disposition, as it always has. In this moment, alive.

In the words of Canadian novelist Heather O’Neill:


Somewhere, a sparrow is singing in B minor.


Over the centuries, we kept changing our frivolous ways for the sparrows. They remain the same. Maybe there is something to learn? …Read the story behind the art

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Designed with my illustration/surface pattern – Prairie Chirps


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Art & Design ©2022 Gyaneshwari Dave

2 Responses

  1. Pastor Karen Lester

    Wonderful, love sparrows, and your writing, and art are beautiful, and perfect to welcome spring.

    • Gyaneshwari Dave

      Thank you so much for the feedback Karen! 😊

      So glad to know that you loved and enjoyed my work so much! Wishing you a joyful spring and a truly wonderful month of March! 🌿🐥

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