April 2022 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

April 2022 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Dogwood Street

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I see that flowering Dogwood tree everyday, belonging to another house, standing in all its glory, a little to the left where the border of my front yard starts. If the tree were just few feet on the right from where it originally is, no arborist would  have ever come near it. 

We often destroy something grown on the land thinking that it is not our own. Sometimes we do that precisely because we think that we own it. Both these types of owning, and not owning, make us unfortunate…Read the story behind the art.

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Designed with my illustration/surface pattern – Dogwood Street

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8 Responses

  1. Lindy A

    I look forward to updating my computer & phone with your beautiful artwork. It is like a little present that I can’t wait to open each month. I just love your artwork! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Gyaneshwari Dave

      Thank you so much for those super sweet, kind and encouraging words, Lindy!!!❤️

      To know that some sweet soul looks forward to it so eagerly, makes all my work worthwhile…You are very welcome!!! 🤗🌼🦋

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