May 2022 Desktop calendar wallpaper

May 2022 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Flying Jewel

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Carrying millions of passengers Japan’s Shinkasen trains travel throughout the country at speeds of 150–200 mph. In their initial years, when they would travel through tunnels, the wave would cause a loud sonic boom at the exit which could be heard 400 meters away, disturbing nearby residents.

During late 90s, an engineering team were called to find a way for the train to travel more quietly without sacrificing speed or using more energy. Luckily for them, the general manager of the team Eiji Nakatsu was an avid birder. And of course, he knew the Kingfisher…Read the story behind the art.

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Designed with my illustration – Flying Jewels!

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  1. mnicole

    Fits perfectly in both my laptop and phone! Beautiful and serene design.

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