Fall desktop calendar wallpapers

Fall 2022 Mobile, Desktop Calendar Wallpaper & Printable Planners, Illustrated – The Autumn Bliss

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When someone asks, which is my favorite tree, I often say – the one I can sit under right now. Not only the purest means to attain calm and blessedness, but it is also the only way one can travel in time while sitting absolutely still. After all, you are in the lap of that miracle of the creation that does exactly that – by reaching out and above, by going deep down.

Blissed out under an autumnal oak, someone is watching each passing moment through the serenity of each falling leaf, in my imaginary, semi-self-portrait of sorts.

Read a poem about fall leaves from my book.

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September/October/November 2022,

Designed with my illustration – The Autumn Bliss

Fall 2022 desktop calendar wallpapers

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