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A few years back I was traveling to California when the guy at the airline counter asked me casually, why I was going there. I replied that I was visiting the Redwoods. Enthusiastically he remarked, “Oh that place is magical, I have been there. You know, it smells like Christmas there!” 

While I admired that lively interest, this was one of the many times when our lives’ twisted equation with nature, and, our sometimes complete lack of perspective of what comes from the other, or, what inspires the other – had me in disbelief.

Well, what our Christmases smell like, is pinecones and freshly cut pine needles, or essentially, where these things come from – the coniferous trees. It is not the other way round. It never was. Not just the traditions and smells of a certain festival and popular culture, Pine trees and their wisdom have inspired and awed artists, poets, philosophers, and thinkers for thousands of years. 

When I look at these snow-covered evergreen trees in December, I am filled with a strange memory of an experience that I have never actually had – of living through the winter in a cozy, rustic cabin surrounded by these awe-inspiring trees, nestled high up in the mountains. Maybe it’s the dream to “live deliberately” like Thoreau, or craving the “the still, deep cup of wilderness potent with wisdom” that Rockwell Kent drank from. Or, it’s an unfailing call from the quietness my soul always seems to belong to.

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Designed with my illustration/surface pattern – Cozy In Pines

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