January 2023 free desktop calendar wallpaper

January 2023 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Happy Blues

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One look at it and one falls in love with its one-of-a-kind color, and the allure of its pure soul. Its charm is wild and yet its elegance is unmatched. Its life is mysterious as it thrives at the arduous heights of mountains. It exists like a hermit, is hard to reach, and rare to find. Tenacious, it faces months of constant colds and winds of snowy peaks, and yet, is nothing but absolutely gentle to look at.

I was trying to describe an elusive flower of the Himalayas, called, Blue Poppy, but I have also ended up describing the beguiling country of Bhutan whose national flower it happens to be. My art/design Happy Blues is roughly inspired by the Blue Poppy blooms, but you must know more about its mountain home, the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan,  world famous for its unique and pioneering take on nature conservation, well-being, and happiness…Read the story behind the art.

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Designed with my illustration/surface pattern – Happy Blues

January 2023 desktop calendar wallpaper iphone wallpaper

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  1. Donna Jones

    Thank you so much! You’re artwork is exactly what I was looking for as my PC wallpaper. Happy New Year!

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