May 2023 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Enso Peacock

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In Zen art, the act of painting an Enso circle is the practice of expressing the imperfect beauty of now, letting go, and then starting all over again, as the calligrapher, with the awareness of a new present moment creates a new Enso, leaving the last one behind. This transition effectively symbolizes the impermanence of every single thing in the universe.

With this in mind, I borrowed colors from a peacock feather to make a pattern of concentric Enso circles, with an aim to fill a space with contemporary, minimalist, yet vibrant home decor items that remind one of a beautiful being from the natural world and also exude the calming vibes of a unique zen practice…Read the story behind the art.

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Designed with my art/surface pattern – Enso Peacock

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