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Summer/Spring Throw Pillow Designs At Target

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I am super thrilled to announce that two of my summer/spring designs are now available on Throw pillows at Target!!! :)

Design 1: Monarch’s Milkweeds

Last year when the IUCN Red List declared the marvelous Monarch butterflies endangered and included them in that ever-increasing Red List, I wrote a poem (Swipe through to have a look.)

Monarch butterflies are a marvelous species, much beyond their striking beauty. Did you know that they can fly for approximately 3000 miles across a whole continent, all on the might of those dainty wings of black and orange, and can remember paths of those migratory journeys across generations?

During their miraculous migratory journey, they have to make several stops. Unfortunately, those landscapes are owned by us, modified completely to suit our needs, often resulting in the destruction of meadows of native Milkweed plants (Monarch’s primary food source and the host plant to lay eggs.)

I illustrated this art & design called “Monarch’s Milkweeds” as a gentle reminder, that we cannot afford to lose this incredible species of butterflies, which now, is transformed into throw pillows for Target!

Design 2: Daffodil Rumors

On a cold afternoon one February, I spotted a little Daffodil flower standing all by itself in an otherwise barren landscape of a still-in-winter garden.

On that particularly gloomy day, that little brave fellow had cheered me up in a way I would never forget.

Daffodils are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and I had wondered, what or who must be spreading the rumors of their arrival in the bees?

Inspired by this, I illustrated a surface pattern called “Daffodil Rumors”, which now, is transformed into throw pillows for Target

Massive thank you Target, for spotting my work and picking it up for one of your amazing lines of products, and also, for featuring me in your wonderful collection of AAPI artists!❤️

A huge shoutout to Deny Designs for making this collaboration possible and getting my designs to Target!❤️

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