August 2023 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Summer Swing

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I don’t leave any opportunity of enjoying a tree swing. One such special occasion was six Augusts ago when the silence in a meadow let me listen to the gentle swaying of the oak branches that moved with the swing.

That sound so uncannily resembled the sound of the ocean waves!

As I tried to swing as high as I could, I felt like I was in this tiny boat riding on those waves…riding on these high waves, I even got a glimpse of a beautiful prairie hidden by some tall trees in front of the Oak…

When you set out on sail, you do discover new lands…don’t you? :)

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Art & Design ©2023 Gyaneshwari Dave

4 Responses

  1. Abbas Hitawala

    I am missing you long articles posts. Please resume that. I enjoy reading them – takes my imagination to a creative nature loving level :)

  2. Abbas Hitawala

    Your writings are very deep and very poetic. I liked how you compared swinging with riding on high waves and then the ending line – so true, when you set out on sail, you do discover new lands.

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