A Word With Wilderness: Poems Inspired By American Nature – is a result of my passion for poetry, illustration, and nature – combined together.

After regularly writing for my blog for approximately four years, in July 2017, my debut paperback is published in the United States!

To say that this is my first ever poetry work published in print media would be wrong though. :)

When I was in fifth grade, a local newspaper in my hometown back in India had picked a poem of mine from school and had published it. It was written in my mother tongue, about a waterfall and its wish of exploring the mountains…I still remember the first stanza of that poem, by heart.  :)

What is most gratifying about this fact is that – my first ever published poem was also about nothing else but nature! Today, to see that my very first published book is inspired by American Nature gives a unique sense of fulfillment.

“A Word With Wilderness” comprises 32 selected poems written by me on the subject, accompanied by my illustrations.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you very well know then, that I have a very special affection and curiosity for nature. More often than not, I use the medium of poetry to express it and sometimes I also publish a few of them here on my blog.

My idea of pleasure, rejuvenation, and my source for solace, wisdom, soul searching, intellectual stimulation. To me, being in the continual honesty of wilderness encapsulates it all.

Effortless poise of the age-old peaks of mountains, joyful enthusiasm of wildflowers swinging carefree in the wind, patient wisdom of the unshakable rocks, self–contented, prayerful peace of the trees – doesn’t everything in nature has its own special, subtle and discerning message for us?

Whenever I can, I make eager attempts to have a word with this wilderness – to decipher its speechless expressions, to make at least some meaning of the holy silence it never breaks.

Those moments are fleeting, but I feel having breathed a life so intensely in that transient space, that they leave everlasting imprints upon my heart and soul.

Poems in this book tell my stories of some of those momentary but deeply felt conversations. Stories, that until now were sitting on the pages of my personal notebook, waiting patiently to be shared with you.


If you are a nature lover, a trailblazer, a travel enthusiast, or a wanderer of wilderness and if you enjoy poetry, you will find my book delightful, I am confident.

As I have said in the Introduction inside the book – my this book, is for YOU – who at the sight of dewy grass, takes the shoes off. At once. ­

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