The Poetry Book


A Word With Wilderness : Poems Inspired By American Nature 

– is a result of my passion for poetry, illustration and nature – combined together.

gyaneshwaridave_bn5After regularly writing for my blog for approximately four years, in July 2017, my debut paperback is published in United States!

To say that this is my first ever poetry work published in print media would be wrong though. :)

When I was in fifth grade, a local newspaper in my hometown back in India had picked a poem of mine from school and had published it. It was written in my mother tongue, about a waterfall and its wish of exploring the mountains…I still remember the first stanza of that poem, by heart.  :)

What is most gratifying about this fact is that – my first ever published poem was also about nothing else but nature! Today, to see that my very first published book is inspired by American Nature, gives a unique sense of fulfillment.

“A Word With Wilderness” comprises of 32 selected poems written by me on the subject, accompanied by the illustrations I especially created for this book.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you very well know then, that I have a very special affection and curiosity for nature. More often than not, I use the medium of poetry to express it and sometimes I also publish a few of them here on my blog.

My idea of pleasure, rejuvenation, and my source for solace, wisdom, soul searching, intellectual stimulation. To me, being in the continual honesty of wilderness encapsulates it all.

Effortless poise of the age–old peaks of mountains, joyful enthusiasm of wildflowers swinging carefree in the wind, patient wisdom of the unshakable rocks, self–contented, prayerful peace of the trees – doesn’t everything in nature has its own special, subtle and discerning message for us?

Whenever I can, I make eager attempts to have a word with this wilderness – to decipher its speechless expressions, to make at least some meaning of the holy silence it never breaks.

Those moments are fleeting, but I feel having breathed life so intensely in that transient space, that they leave everlasting imprints upon my heart and soul.

Poems in this book tell my stories of some of those momentary but deeply felt conversations. Stories, that until now were sitting on the pages of my personal notebook, waiting patiently to be shared with you.

Click below to look inside!

A_Word_With_Wilderness_Bookpicture(This is just a preview, showing only few selected pages from the book!)

If you are a nature lover, a trailblazer, a travel enthusiast, or a wanderer of wilderness and if you enjoy poetry, you will find my book delightful, I am confident.

As I have said in the Introduction inside the book – my this book, is for YOU – who at the sight of dewy grass, takes the shoes off. At once. ­

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23 thoughts on “The Poetry Book”

  1. Quoting Poet W. H. Davies from his poem ‘Leisure’, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”.
    In the world where we hardly have any time to see the nature, Miss Gyaneshwari has made many observations and clearly shown how we can enjoy the beauty of nature in our day-to-day life.
    Observing nature and transforming its beauty into words that reach and connect our very souls with the author’s soul such that the readers feels the same joy she felt as if they are looking through her eyes.

    1. Hi Harsh!

      Thank you for bringing that beautiful thought of W.H.Davies to my notice!!!

      And I am so very happy that my poems reminded of you it! :)

      It really makes me content of my attempt at writing this book to know that you as a reader could connect with my emotions at such a deep level! A big thank you for this feedback! :)

  2. “A word with wilderness inspired by American nature” written by Gyaneshwari is an amazing book and I can say it’s truly inspired by Nature. Poems are beautifully described, selection of words and the way it has been putted is fascinated. The poems are insightful the way it has been described we start relating ourselves to those scenic beauty with our own imaginations. Another thing which I loved is grouping and selection of words along with incredible sketches. I am eagerly awaiting a new book by Gyaneshwari. In One words, this is one of best book which I read in my recent time.

    1. Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback Mukesh! :)

      I am truly happy that you liked so many things in my book and enjoyed them so much!

      Your experience of reading my book provided me with a great insight from a reader’s point of view, and of course it encouraged me so much… :)

  3. I read the poems and viewed the pictures today on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I realize from Gyaneshwari that there is so much good in this world, all we have to do is look and find it. As long as we can keep developing our own relationship with nature, we will all be ok. We just have to focus on it. I will gift this to book to people I love. ….. Amrita Sen

    1. Heartfelt thanks for observing and acknowledging that nuance essence hidden in my poems Amrita!

      It makes me feel happy to the core to know an Artist seeing and taking in this subtle thought about enhancing and leveraging our equation with the creation, the nature.

      Makes it all worth for me! :)

  4. I read couple of pages today and loved it…. I have seen your passion of taking pictures but this time got to read your poetry, mind blowing!! The poetry is filled with simple joy and innocence, depth and brilliant in connecting the places with pictures…. Amazing…. I loved the brilliant idea of connecting places with pictures :). You’re really pretty and your poetry is pretty and mind-blowing…..

    1. Thank you so so much for this feedback dear Pallavi! :)

      I was always in two minds regarding including my illustrations with the poetry collection, but responses like yours makes me content that I did!

      And thank you for that compliment… And so are you! Pretty and Sweet! :)

  5. This is the BEST POETRY BOOK I have ever purchased. Your poems are filled with simple joy and spiritual wisdom buried deeply in those amazingly authentic and honest words.
    And Mam, may I say…you are Beautiful…!
    -A Fan from Scotland.

  6. Gyani, there is a blissful lightness to your poetry. And your sketches, such a delightful and unusual touch!. You are such a talented person!

    Your ending the book with the groupings of where you were when inspired to write the poems (and capture some of the meaning in the sketches) is a brilliant idea, it really allows the reader to ‘connect’ to a place where they can further draw a picture in their mind while reading the poems. This book proves you are a true child of the wilderness! I LOVED it!

    1. Thank you so much for this encouraging and thoughtful feedback Deb!

      What can be a more beautiful compliment than being acknowledged as a “True Child of Wilderness” !!? I will try and live up to this by creating and writing with as much honesty and sincerity towards my passion as I have done with my this first attempt at creating a book.

      You have really made me a happy first time author by loving my book so much. I will always look forward to your advice, guidance and blessings! 🙂

  7. Your almost unvoiceable awe at all small and big things in nature simply touches the soul! Your poetry has a rare combination of innocence and depth. I live in Rio. After reading your poems that feel like fresh breezes of spring, I will look at the nature in Brazil with a different perspective now! Loved this book, really.

    1. Hi Matheus!

      It feels amazing to come across a reader who understands and appreciates my poetry so well! It is my privilege to be able to help you look at the wonders of the creation in a fresh way!

      Your compliment is indeed a huge one and it means a lot, believe me. It makes all of it worthwhile…Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. “A word with Wilderness “by Gyaneshwari is undoubtedly written very beautifully.The words in the poem are perfectly placed.The poems are crisp,clear and simple.In one line I would describe it as a Bliss for nature lover.

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