For the Elephant Killed in Kerala, India – A Poem & an Illustration

July 2022 Update: I thank Nikita Dhawan, founder of the non-profit Youth For Animals – A Youth Ambassador for Born Free Foundation, a member of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and a Youth Ambassador for, -For sharing … Continued

If One Truthful Promise from Each of Us to Mother Nature Could Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic, What Will Be Yours? – Earth Day 2020

We are quickly running out of food for these guys… – My life partner & fellow birds lover said to me, looking anxiously at the birdhouse in our patio while a gorgeous goldfinch grabbed a piece of peanut and swiftly … Continued

At Last an Alarm You Don’t Want to Snooze – An Opinion on the Dawn Chorus Smartphone App

What is your most unfavorite sound of a morning? Isn’t it that punishing sound of your alarm going off abruptly while you are still enjoying your sweet early morning sleep? From trying different melodious alarm tones, putting your alarm to a high … Continued