Surface Pattern Design

I just love the way surface patterns beautify everyday objects of our lives, they just make me happy!

I enjoy the story telling and the puzzle solving part of putting together beautiful seamless patterns. There is something fascinating in the visual perpetual quality they have. It is a one of kind joy to start with a totally blank canvas, and to see emerge from there slowly, and almost magically, a never ending pattern!

I like the versatility of vector formats for surface pattern designs while printing on various surfaces and therefore I make sure to create my designs as scalable vector files. Like everything else that I do, my drawings are also inspired by pretty objects & little lives found in nature and seasons.

Wallpaper designed with one of my surface pattern designs was featured by Smashing Magazine in Dec 2018.

Featured Surface Pattern Collections


Featured Illustrations from the Poetry Book

“A Word With Wilderness : Poems Inspired by American Nature”

I have illustrated my published Poetry Book and it’s front cover, which is a self-portrait. I was interviewed/featured by ArtsPositive.Org for this work.

Since I wanted my book illustrations to retain a raw, authentic hand-drawn appeal, and not overpower my poems, I kept them sketchy and used a very limited color palette throughout. For my 32 poems, I have created 32 illustrations, some of them are showcased below.