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Illustration & pattern design for me is…

like the fun of telling a story!

In Illustration/Sketching process, I enjoy the challenge of starting with a totally blank canvas and creating something out of nowhere.

Like everything else that I do, my drawings are also inspired by pretty objects & little lives found in Nature and seasons.

I really like the versatility of vectors and so most of my Illustration & Surface Pattern design work is done in Vector format – like, everything curated in my gallery above.

But then I sometimes I also want my sketches to retain that authentic hand-drawn appeal, so I just scan and digitize my drawings keeping them non-scalable, which I have done for my own book.

I have illustrated my debut published Poetry Book –

A Word With Wilderness – Poems Inspired by American Nature.

I Hope my galleries will make you smile!

Here is something from my exclusive designs for you… :)