My philosophy behind nature photography…

I will be honest. 

Even if my this creative venture (then known as Lensdepictions) originally started as a photography website, I was not in love with just photography itself.

At core, I was in love with Nature, have always been.

Be it in my early years of life in India, or after that in Europe and United States – Visiting forests and mountains, exploring national parks, being in the wilderness, walking the trails – for me, returning to nature again and again has remained my greatest sources of pleasure, wisdom, soul searching and intellectual stimulation.

The order, design and aesthetics present in nature keep compelling me to create their depictions. I devour the process of creating my unique interpretations out of them, my own compositions.

The beauty of photography as an art is, every depiction is different from the last one on the subject. There is always another perception, another perspective and another vantage point to capture that split second moment of awe.

I thoroughly enjoy photography as an art-form and immensely value it as a medium to capture those precious moments letting me live them for a little longer.

I have made many special associations through my photography. I was recognized by famous Black & White photography artist from Belgium, Jan Keteleer. One of the amazing clients I have made through my work is The Wall Street Journal of US.

I hope my Nature Photos Gallery will make you smile!