For as long as I can remember, I have found my serenity, joy, solace, meaning & spiritual quest nowhere else but in the continual honesty of nature. I would say, in one way or another, nature has saved me all my life.

As a little girl, I had to spend years away from my parents, making my childhood not so easy. I was lonely from inside at a very tender age, but fortunately, I lived in a place from where I was able to look at some great mountain peaks every day and wonder.
The yard around my home had big almond and mango trees that welcomed me to climb them and whom I considered my best friends and confidants. There were a number of flowering shrubs I sat curled up under. Enough chipmunks, parrots, bulbuls & mynas visited daily to keep me curious.

In the lap of this natural world, I felt fearless, protected, loved and absolutely at home. Without realizing it, I had made a life-long bond with nature when I was less than ten years old.

While I have spent my childhood in India, as a grown up I have lived and traveled extensively in many places in Europe, as well as in America, where I am presently based.
But wherever I have been, I have felt the undeniable call of wild. Be it in wilderness of forests and mountains or just standing still among the humble flora and fauna of my backyard, simply returning to nature again and again  has remained my greatest source of intellectual stimulation and soul searching.

And whatever sparks of goodness I gather from this endless source, find their way into my creative expressions – be it poems, illustrations, or articles.

I had started writing poems since I was small. Later in life, I also found the magic of nature photography. Eventually, the desire to express myself in more raw, artistic way, compelled me to draw as well and I taught myself illustration.
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Why “Pineconedream”?

Few years back, I thought to create an all-encompassing identity for all of my nature-inspired writings & art (previously this website was known as Lensdepictions, with primary focus on my nature photography)
I wanted a simple yet powerful, and timeless symbol for nature that could speak of both her beauty and transcendence.
There was something exquisite and fascinating that had kept me intrigued ever since I saw it for the very first time years ago on a beloved mountain – A pinecone.

According to some age-old wisdom traditions, to dream about a pinecone is considered a divine omen.

A pinecone symbolizes nature, creativity, and spirituality in a uniquely elegant yet unassuming fashion.

Pine trees are believed to be among the oldest plant species on earth and thus pinecones are rather ancient representatives of nature.

With the graceful geometrical design of spines spiraling in a Fibonacci sequence in both directions, a pinecone is also a perfect piece of creativity!
In many old as well as present-day cultures, pinecones are considered sacred emblems of human enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
I often find myself collecting pinecones from under those majestic pine trees. About that, below is a poem from my illustrated collection of nature poems.
Poem about Pinecones