I’m Gyaneshwari:

Artist, Surface Pattern Designer & Writer/Poet 

– of Nature.


By bringing to you glimpses of the innocent beauty & quiet poetry ever-present in nature…my works aim to help the nature lover in you find subtle inspiration and delight in everyday moments.


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A Word With Wilderness: Poems Inspired By American Nature


Whenever I can, I make eager attempts to decipher nature’s  speechless expressions, to make at least some meaning of the holy silence she never breaks. Poems in this book are about some of those occasions when I felt that I had succeeded, even if for a few fleeting moments. Find out more.


Your Love Means A Lot!

I realize from Gyaneshwari that there is so much good in this world, all we have to do is look and find it. As long as we can keep developing our own relationship with nature, we will all be ok. We just have to focus on it. I will gift her book to people I love.

Amrita Sen

Musician & Artist | @amritasendesigns
There is a blissful lightness to your poetry. And your sketches, such a delightful and unusual touch!. You are such a talented person! Your book proves you are a true child of the wilderness! I LOVED it!

Deb Morgan

Farmer & Airbnb Host | @debmorganshadowmnt
SO BEAUTIFUL Desktop calendars made by the beautiful Gyaneshwari Dave… Lovely, lovely artist!


Graphic Designer & Artist | @cherie_says
Inspired by “A Little More Daisy”,Gyaneshwari Dave, such an amazing poem, you are so talented!


Instagrammer | @mademoiselle_nela
Love your illustrations & poetry! I was searching for a poem about Cherry Blossoms & found you and your poetry…Can’t wait to read more!


Blogger I @tangled_vignettes
Gyaneshwari Dave, an accomplished photographer, illustrator, and author brings us beauty and messages from nature with her abundance of creativity. Pineconedream is a must-see!

Kim & Rob Martin

Jewelry Artists | @pineseyedesigns

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