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Graphic Design Essentials: Fresh Fall/Autumn Vectors!

Here is some of my freshly created Vector Art for this Autumn/Fall season…

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Autumn background vector with the classic fall leaves blowing from the tree and a cute owl sitting in the tree hole, and of course the fall pumpkins lying on the ground below!

Vector illustration of autumn tree and leaves with owl and pumpkins.

A seamless, repeatable surface pattern vector of stylish black & white leaves with pop of fall exclusive colors!

Seamless pattern vector of black and white fall leaves with pop of fall color leaves.

My take of nature in fall in pastel tones!

Stock seamless vector pattern of fall leaves, autumn berries and dragonflies.

A fall forest vector background with a subtle touch of fantasy!

Stock vector graphic of whimsical graphical shaped trees in fall.

Perhaps one of the most essential design elements for fall/autumn graphic designs are the pumpkins! Here is my rendition…

Autumn background with a twist – autumn leaves blowing from a tree with two cute birdies in moonlight with night sky background!


Background vector for Fall greetings with paisley inspired artistic version of all leaves and autumn berries!

Stock vector background of autumn leaves fall greetings.

A little girl sitting under an Oak tree in fall, leaves blowing in wind!


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Vector Art Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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